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Guatemala Mission Trip – Summer 2022

Dr. Lou and Dr. Chang recently visited Guatemala to provide vision care and eyewear to local residents. Using donations from their local community, they performed eye exams and matched the donated glasses prescriptions to residents in need.

According to Dr. Chang, “most Guatemalans live on an average salary of $8.00 a day. A pair of glasses cost about $200, and most medical care is unaffordable to them. There is no social welfare system in Guatemala so the indigent people are unable to access any eye care. We felt very blessed . Collecting glasses is something I have done since the start of my practice.”

Pictured in the pink sweater is a 25 year old woman, with 3 kids. It took her 2 hours to reach the site where Dr. Change and Lou were doing vision exams. As you can see she has a massive eye turn, but amazingly enough with a good eye exam and a pair of glasses close to her prescription, she is able to fuse and straighten her eyes.

The difference that eye care makes in these residents’ lives is immeasurable. Great work to Dr. Chang and Dr. Lou!

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